Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Trials of Trial Accounts.

Things I cannot do in a trial account:

o Create a group.
This has led to sitting around for lengths of time waiting for a quest object to respawn so I and the other 8 trial players can all kill the guy and take his head.

o Try out instancing.
Well, that's not wholly true. I received my Deadmines quests right as I hit level 20; needless to say, they don't do me much good since I can no longer gain experience. Between Deadmines alone and the quests, that's at least a level and a half of experience that I'd much rather have.

o Utilize the WoW economy.
I cannot buy glyphs to test out this inscription thing. Also of annoyance are all of the greens and crafting materials just sitting in my bank and the inability to purchase larger bags. This is a hindrance to leveling, especially with a gathering profession of any sort. I've spent most of my levels so far leveling trade skills inefficiently in order to have the bank/bag space. Grey and white items are evaluated for trade value so I can determine which to toss out in order to loot the corpse and skin the creature.

o Ask questions regarding, well, anything.
Trade is still the true General channel, but trial accounts can not use either. Has anyone seen the Defias Messenger? Who knows; I certainly can not ask in General and I'm pretty sure most of the other lowbies standing around me have no idea what I'm talking about.

o Answer my mail.
At least let me take the stuff out of my mailbox, even if you block trial accounts from sending. That envelope icon is driving me nuts. It's pointless receiving a letter regarding my mount and riding skill access if I can not read the stupid thing.

Things I can do with a trial account:

o Receive random group invites and PvP requests.
No, I really don't want to. Unless you're standing right next to me and I know that this upcoming part is pretty tough or has a named quest spawn, I really don't want to auto-join your group.

o Receive random whispers and charter requests.
I don't understand how I can be asked to sign a charter if I can not join a guild. And by not being able to, I missed out on about 36 gold based on all of the whispered offers I received. That could have been my mount and riding skill.

o Hack together a UI with only half of the mods working.
This is actually only an issue with the load-on-demand client, where X-Perl Unit Frames, Tom Tom, and Cartographer Waypoints all threw Error 132s. The description surrounding the full installer is quite unclear; the implication I gained from reading it was that only those with real accounts could log in via the full client. I'm glad that I took the chance (since I'll need it all come Thursday anyhow) and I've been playing happily with my new UI settings.

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