Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guild Invite Harassment.

It's not a WoW session unless I'm asked to join a guild. I don't mind signing charters; Blizzard should wise up and give up on the whole signature thing. Heck, I even make some gold out of it from time to time. Being asked to join a guild isn't so bad either. I'm not ready to guild-search at the moment so I always decline, but it's nice of them to ask.

There are those, however, who do not seem to have the common decency to ask. Instead they shove their guild in your face, inviting without asking, assuming that you actually give a rat's arse about their gathering of individuals. It's presumptious, it's rude, and it pisses me off. Inviting without asking will get you placed on my ignore list in a jiffy.

One guild in particular just doesn't get it.

I received a guild invite out-of-the-blue while questing on Laurewen. I responded, telling them that they were inconsiderate and would be enjoying time on my ignore list.

Not five minutes later I received another guild invite. This one was from a different person, but they were a member of the same guild. At that point I was getting irked. I told off the invitor and he now holds a place on my ignore list with his guildmate.

Maybe they only have two recruiters, but I survived for about an hour on Laurewen before logging off of her and into Aesmarele to work on her Enchanting. Not long after logging in I get a guild invite. From the second guy. From that same guild. That was the last straw.

As I informed him, if anyone from that guild ever invites me to that guild on any of my characters without asking me first, I'm reporting that individual for harrassment. Hopefully he passed the word along and is a decent guess at my alt's names, as my husband recieved a guild invite from these people just last night.

Speaking of which, my husband has purchased the Battle Chest and is now at level 35 on his gnome warrior. I've done all of the lowbie stuff so many times, I just quest-stack as quickly as possible. However, since it's his first time playing, he is taking his time and enjoying everything. We'll be rolling Blood Elves later to play together. I'm not familiar with the Horde side so taking time won't be so annoying there.


  1. Heyas! Is this on Nesingwary? My Alliance main is named Petal in the guild "The Dark Tower" — I saw on the Realm forum you were looking for a guild invite. I wish I knew of a good guild. I gave up trying to find a mature raiding oriented guild and am mostly playing my Horde characters on Anvilmar. You might check out if they are still around... I've done some early Tournament raiding with them, but decided I didn't want to go back to raiding full-time. Good to see another druid blogger on Nessy. ^_^

  2. Doh. Check out "vanquish" is what I meant to say. :)