Sunday, August 22, 2010

An update and server transfer gold accumulation.

It's been a while, folks. Here's the last few months in brief:

Satellite ceased raiding. I looked for a new raiding guild, was accepted to a top 100 horde guild on Mal'Ganis. I transferred. Queue Satellite drama. Satellite decides to transfer to Dragonblight. Anakha decides not to transfer with. New guild doesn't pan out and Mal'Ganis is far too populated for my taste. I transfer back to Nessingwary.

I am now a guildless raid-geared turkey who has stuck her healing gear in the bank and is planning to complete her Loremaster achievement before Cata. Raiding is not in my future ever. Gold, however, is.

Before I transferred to Mal'Ganis, I did my research. I had about three weeks of Auctioneer data of anywhere from one to four scans per day for their AH. I sat in /2 (SpamThrottle is amazing, by the way) and watched for what people were buying. The things that I took with me:

Arctic Fur
Alliance Tournament Pets
Golden Pearl
Pattern: Bright Yellow Shirt
Ikfiru's Sack of Wonder
Eternal Fire
White Kitten Carriers

This is in addition to the raiding supplies I took with me.

Potions still held value on Mal'Ganis; gems did not. I switched my alchemy specialization from Transmute to Flask and after crafting a ton of flasks to Potion.

Before leaving, I crafted a Mekgineer's Chopper as my personal going-away present.

After all was said and done, I had 20k gold remaining on Nesingwary, 20k gold in Laurewen's pockets, and a metric asston of things to sell when I got there.

During my two months on Mal'Ganis, I managed to sell everything except three Elwynn Lambs (I brought over 8) and two of my four Bright Yellow Shirt patterns. I purchased over 10k in alchemy patterns I would never have found on Nessingwary, bought a Hyacinth Macaw pet for 80% of Nessy's normal prices, and sunk all of my extra gold into Primordial Saronites for the trip home.

20 PSes went to Aeleena's Shadow's Edge, 1 went to her Iceblade Arrows pattern, six went to Anakha for his ICC patterns, and the rest were sold within five hours of arriving on Nessy at 230% of my purchase price.

Now, why not invest in BoEs? I crunched the numbers and there were some that would sell at 300%+ of purchase price based on current values (mostly ICC BoEs). However, Nessy is small, only two guilds are progressively raiding and I had no assurance that the items would actually sell. PSes are still constantly being used and had a reasonable resale value (350-400g purchase for 700-800g sales).

I'd also cleaned out my guild bank of a lot of random crap on Nessy and sold it all. I am now at 94k gold again and have a metric asston of glyphs, flasks, and potions to finish selling off.

It ends up Silverlock, a friend, has taken over the shuffling business while I was gone. Good for him! I gave him some pointers but for the moment I'm going to be sitting back and working on achievements while waiting for Cata. Drops and rewards alone should bring in some extra gold.

Cata plans: Farm the hell out of everything ASAP. No raids mean no need to hit 80 ASAP so I'm going to avoid the crowds by simply farming to start.

I am anxiously awaiting a beta key. Please, Blizzard randomizer, pick me!