Thursday, December 10, 2009

Low-Level Economics.

My World of Warcraft Battle Chest was sitting out in the cold, waiting patiently for my return from work this afternoon. For some reason my TBC key keeps giving an 'error', or at least so claims a Murloc holding a sign. The Vanilla key works just fine, however. First stop: the mailbox.

The Onyxia Whelpling seems slightly bugged. I obtained it first with Laurewen but never clicked on the cage to 'learn' it. I later obtained it with Aesmarele, however when I did click on it to learn the 'spell', it told me I already knew it. Low and behold, there it was in my Pet - Companions list. Even more odd is that Aerika didn't have it learned already. The cage also does not disappear on learning the 'spell', it just sat in my inventory. Should I throw it out? Leave it there? Will I lose my whelping? I tossed it out on Aerika--dwarves don't need no stinkin' whelplings! But she still has it, so there seems to be no need to take up the bag/bank slot.

I'd collected a rather large number of greens which were all happily sent off to Aesmarele to disenchant. It seems that there was quite a bit of undercutting going on in the AH on enchanting materials, so we'll see how these go. Aesmarele only has 6 copper to her name so sending the 1-handed axe she picked up to Aerika will have to wait.

Second stop was the Auction House, of course. I'm still using Strange Dust to level with [Enchant Bracers - Stamina] so I've only listed my Lesser Magic Essence for the moment. I'm ready to upgrade to a Runed Silver Rod and will need to see if someone can either make one for me (I've picked up some Silver Bars from chest loot) or if I can get one from the AH. The lowest one was about 80 silver which is well beyond my budget at the moment. I'm thinking of having Aesmarele be only a disenchanter for the moment so I can focus on Laurewen. That silver rod will have to wait.

It seems that low-level items are a mixture of high and low demand. All of it is rather expensive; items in high demand are high because sellers can afford to raise the prices and items in low demand are high because no one else is selling the item, so folks can ask whatever they want for it.

I picked up 5g for signing someone's guild charter. There are quite a few things I could do with it:
o Catch up on my Feral skills (which I've been neglecting in favor of having silver for stacks of water)
o Buy my riding skill and mount
o Buy larger bags
o Work on my alchemy
o Purchase glyphs

This whole glyph thing is rather odd and the prices folks are asking are a bit much. 7 gold for each glyph? I don't have that much money! I can't even afford one at those prices. I do, however, have a full stack of Mageroyal that I don't see myself using for alchemy anytime soon. The glyphs I'm after require a Midnight Ink each. Each Midnight Ink requires two Dusky Pigments. Every 5 Mageroyal milled provides 2-3 Dusky Pigments. If I offer a stack of Mageroyal, hopefully someone will be willing to trade both of those glyphs. I did not have any luck in Trade chat with my first attempt, but it was 04:15.

I'm using Boston's 20-30 Levelling Guide through the Tour Guide addon and Laurewen is about 20% short of level 24. She is too squishy without having the extra armor bonus from Moonkin Form and I'm having to stop and drink far too often for my tastes; level 40 will not come fast enough.

Aerika was invited to a dwarf guild. I'm not quite sure what I want to do regarding guilds right now. My goal is to get raid-worthy and into a Progression-focued guild. My past experience has been that having one character in a social guild and another in a raiding guild causes drama, something I want to stay far away from. Perhaps I'll fly solo for awhile longer before considering a social/levelling guild.

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