Friday, November 5, 2010

Turkey Time: Pack-Farming

Sorry for the lack of posts. Organizing in reality makes me want to jump into the game for some non-cleaning time! Oh, wait... my gbanks need to be organized, too. /sigh

Today I would like to share my method for farming packs of mobs as a Turkey. This has worked especially well while farming for those soon-to-be-extinct Razzashi Hatchling pets but will work any time the mobs you are farming are in tightly-packed groups.

Recommended Glyphs:
Glyph of Thorns
Glyph of Starfall
Glyph of Focus
NOT Glyph of Typhoon (the knockback is useful for interrupting casters)

1) Position yourself outside of aggro range.
2) Cast Rejuvenation and begin running into the center of the group you intend to kill.
3) Shift into Moonkin form while running.
4) Cast Barkskin and Thorns just as you reach melee range.
5) As soon as you get into the center, cast Starfall and back away during the GCD. This allows you to force all mobs in front of you so you're able to dodge.
6) Cast Hurricane and center it on the group.
7) Be prepared with Typhoon, using it to interrupt casters (assuming you do NOT have it glyphed).
8) Moonfire anything that is still alive.
9) Loot.

With a little practice you can make steps 1-6 seamlessly utilize every GCD. Since Barkskin and Starfall are on a one-minute cooldown, you can either wait for them to come up or, if the beefiness-to-squishiness ratio is high enough, simply continue but ignore Starfall and Thorns for the next pull.

Alternating the two allows me to clear every pack with raptors in ZG in less than 10 minutes (including travel time and looting).

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