Saturday, March 20, 2010


So, I think I may have just purchased a mess of materials from someone who was hacked. :/

It started out well-and-good; someone selling some Ametrines and Cardinal Rubies for a good price (100g each and 140g each respectively) in /2. I see the price he listed often enough, especially this time of the morning, so I asked him how many and then if he'd wait for me to flip the gold over from my bank. Gave him a few seconds, no response, flipped the gold, and he told me to meet him in SW. I'm heading that way when he posted Frozen Orbs in /2 for a good price (100g for 10) as well. So I told him I'd buy those too. I buy the gems, then ask if he still has the orbs, and as he trades he puts in a Solid Stormjewel and asks if I'm interested for 100g more. Anakha'll use it, so sure, why not? I figure the guy is cleaning out his bank, since I saw him list a piece of Soulcloth for sale as well.

I get ready to whisper a thank you when he opens trade again and inserts the following:

Eternal Air x5
Eternal Shadow x14
Eternal Earth x39
The piece of Spellweave he had listed
Eternal Water x4

and says all of it for 200g. Man, he must really be cleaning out his bank, right? I do a quick glance through Auctioneer's market values and it's certainly below market and looks like a good deal, maybe he just wants it all gone, so I buy it.

Then he does it again! This time with a more myriad mix of stuff from a Titansteel Bar to Eternal Fire to Siren's Tears. 300g for this batch. At this point I'm suspicious.

Laurewen whispers: I'll buy your gems. How many of each do you have?
Bob whispers: [Cardinal Ruby]x2 [Ametrine]x4
Laurewen whispers: Kk. Need to flip some gold over real quick from my bank. Back in 3 minutes.
Laurewen whispers: But I'll take all of them. :)
Laurewen whispers: Where should I meet you?
Bob whispers: sw bank
Laurewen whispers: Enroute.
Laurewen whispers: Haha, I'll buy your orbs, too. :p What else are you selling?
Laurewen whispers: Ready when you are.
Laurewen whispers: Still have your frozen orbs?
Bob whispers: [Solid Stormjewel]100g need?
Laurewen whispers: Sure, husband can use it.
Bob whispers: all 200g
Laurewen whispers: Cleaning out your bank? :)
Laurewen whispers: I reckon guildies can use.
Laurewen whispers: No space, one sec.
Laurewen whispers: Let's try that again. :)
Bob whispers: 300g
Laurewen whispers: You're not hacked or anything, are you?
Bob whispers: yes do u need?
Laurewen whispers: Yes you are hacked? I'm confused.
Bob whispers: lol
Bob whispers: 300g
Laurewen whispers: Wait, need more space.
Laurewen whispers: Sorry, wrong button.
Laurewen whispers: Mm, thanks? :)
Bob whispers: good luck

I didn't have solid proof since I've had much more stupid responses to 'are you hacked?' questions and I've gotten some good deals with folks cleaning crap out... better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? He then just flat-out gave me 2 Jormungar Leg Armor and 4 Dream Shards. I opened a ticket just to be safe and sent a whisper to one of his guildmates asking if the individual had been acting strange and voicing my concern that the individual might have been hacked. The guildmate didn't ever respond to me, but the plot thickens.

At this point, I try to find the guy. When I'd inspected him earlier, he had a mix of blues and purples, ~200-226 range with rare gems and medium-range enchants. I find him again, not only next to the guild vaults in SW (red flag!) but he has no pants on. O.o Everything that could be sold was gone; all that was left was old T7/8 gear. He was no longer guilded as well. Not sure if it was by his own choice or the guildmate took the chance and kicked... all speculation. But now I'm worried. ><

I'm really hoping this was just a case of the person wanting to delete the toon or quit the game and emptying house but after seeing him pantsless at the guild vault, I worry... I've heard accounts of those who have bought from hacked individuals getting banned due to being flagged as an accomplice.

I've already received a response from a GM (20 minute wait, when the standard queue is about 48 hours; I feel special). It was canned, but considering the queue time I don't mind. Basically said that they were forwarding everything to their Investigation team. I wish I could copy/paste the response into here, but WoW's text is lame like that; I'll see if they sent me an e-mail version as well. My biggest hope is that the guy wasn't hacked and I just got an awesome deal. If he was hacked, I hope that they don't throw the ban-hammer at me as well for buying from a hacked account. If anything my reactive response to the situation by flagging a GM hopefully helps my case.

In the meantime, I have tons to post about, like our first guild Lich King kill! You are reading posts by Laurewen the Kingslayer, woohoo! ^^ I've been strung out on Vicoden for the past week (go go teeth removal) so I'll play ketchup soon, honest.

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  1. No, it could very well be that the guy is either done with his character. OR, he's just trying to accumulate tons of money. These things do happen. Then there's the chance that he's exploiting the system by telling a GM that he's been hacked and uses one of his account restores. Unlikely, but possible.

    I've seen people just vendor and sell everything they got because they're finished with the game. They take all the money and send it to a friend that's still going to be playing. Actually, i've seen that happen a couple times. I wouldn't be surprised if people were liquidating their accounts and putting everything into gold. As cataclysm approaches, there is one thing that will always transfer over. That is gold. Gear and trade goods only have value based on what expansion is the latest. But gold is always accepted.